Note: As of October 1, 2003, Connecticut does not require a blood test.

  1. You must go to the Town Clerk's office in the town where the marriage is to take place.

  2. Fee: Marriage license fee is $50 – check with the Town Clerk's office to see whether cash or check is preferable.

  3. There is no residency requirement, but both the Groom and the Bride must bring a photo I.D., such as a driver's license or passport.

  4. You will be required to complete an application which asks for your name, age, race, birthplace, residence and marital status, as well as your Father's name, your Mother's maiden name and their birthplaces. A Sample application form for the town of South Windsor can be accessed by clicking HERE

  5. Both the Groom and the Bride must apply for the license in person, but not necessarily together. However, the license will not be provided until the both parties have appeared and sworn and signed the license in the presence of the Town Clerk. If the Groom and the Bride appear on different dates, the license will be considered valid from the earlier date. The Town Clerk's raised seal must also appear on the license.

  6. The license is valid for sixty-five (65) days following the issuance.

Filing The Completed License:

Connecticut requires that the Justice of the Peace who performed the marriage ceremony, sign and return the license to the Town Clerk in the Town where the marriage took place.

Certified Copy:

If the Bride plans on changing her name with DMV or Social Security it is recommended that a Certified Copy of the executed license be obtained from the Town Clerk's office. The cost is $20. Check with the Town Clerk for the preferable for of payment. Unless you are paying in person, often a Money Order payable to the town or city where the marriage took place will be required.